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You are only as strong as your weakest link. Strength recruited out of sequence creates injuries and diminished pitching performance. Baseball pitchers are limiting their velocity and accuracy potential while increasing injury risk by not assessing their arm health. When you know your weakest link, you can hyper-target your weaknesses when you train instead of continuing a cookie cutter program that could be continuing to exaggerate imbalances.
All 30 MLB teams test shoulder strength and range of motion because it is directly related to velocity, accuracy, stamina and risk of injury.

 (This service is provided in Broomall, PA. Specific location provided in the scheduling app)

Step 1

Coordinate a day and time to get your arm health assessed by emailing You will need to schedule a day and time where you know your arm is fully rested and recovered from throwing.

Step 3

You will be provided an summary of your assessment and you will have a full understanding of your arm health, including knowing your weaknesses, imbalances and asymmetries. 

Step 2

Your arm strength will be assessed using a dynamometer to measure your relative strength, internal rotation strength, external rotation strength, scaption strength and grip strength.

Step 4

You will be provided drills and exercises to fix your arm health deficiencies to work towards getting your arm strong, balanced and symmetrical.

$75 for session + 1 year subscription to app

Coaches can inquire about a team assessment package at

Assessment Examples
Below are just some examples of the information provided to the athlete during the Arm Care assessment to help them understand their current arm strength and health.
thumbnail (4).jpg
thumbnail (3).jpg
thumbnail (2).jpg

This athlete has hit the minimum Total Strength threshold, but shows some weaknesses in their External Rotation Strength and Scaption Strength. Their training should have more focus on those items to get to a more balanced state, which will improve velocity, accuracy and stamina.

This athlete is really strong in Internal Rotation, but has an extreme imbalance between internal and external rotation. If they stayed on a cookie cutter training program, they would likely continue exaggerate the imbalance and be primed for injury.

This athlete shows a low Strength to Velocity Ratio (which is common for youth athletes) and needs to focus on increasing their arm strength before participating in any kind of Velocity Program. 

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