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At the Max Velo Softball Hitting & Throwing Camp, athletes will learn how to increase their overhand throwing velocity and accuracy while learning critical processes to increase functional strength and maintain arm health during the long travel season. Hitters will learn hitting fundamentals and advanced approach methods that increase hitting exit velocity and batting average.

The camp is designed for athletes 11 and older who are serious about their softball career that are either currently playing travel softball or will be in the upcoming season with goals to play at the collegiate level.

The Camp is in collaboration with certified Tom House Sports coach JA Pitching & Throwing & BG Catching & Hitting, an experienced college, high school and travel softball coach that has trained over 40 college commits and over 60 nationally ranked travel softball players.

The camp is highlighted by:

  • Athletes will be given the Tom House Sports Proprietary STAT screening that will assess athlete’s deficiencies in regard to their ability to generate throwing velocity. Testing will include a variety of arm speed tests, torso speed tests, and leg balance & strength testing.

  • The athlete will also be given the ArmCare Arm Health Assessment to test their overall shoulder and arm strength and range of motion to test for weaknesses, imbalances and asymmetries.

  • Instruction on proper throwing and hitting mechanics with options to add on a detailed throwing and/or hitting mechanics analysis with customized drills to help address any throwing or hitting mechanical inefficiencies.

  • Classroom sessions on the following topics

    • Proper Hitting and Throwing Mechanics (JA Pitching & Throwing + BG Catching & Hitting)

    • Functional Strength and Arm Care Fundamentals (JA Pitching & Throwing)

    • College Recruiting​ Process (BG Catching & Hitting)

    • Neuro Skills Training (Nathan Biddulph - See Bio Below)

  • Field Work Hitting and Throwing Stations focusing on proper hitting and throwing mechanics and functional strength workouts.

Instructors/Special Guest Bios:

JA Pitching and Throwing is a certified Tom House Sports / National Pitching Association (THS/NPA) coach and certified Arm Care Specialist with expertise in training overhand throwing athletes. THS/NPA offers advanced, scientifically proven instruction and training for players, coaches, and organizations. We help overhand throwers increase velocity and functional strength by eliminating mechanical inefficiencies so players can reduce their risk of injuries and develop their skills to throw harder, easier with increased accuracy and health. The National Pitching program is the only training program certified by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). The IRB includes orthopedic doctors, sports physiologists, kinesiologists, nutritionists, sports psychologists, and other specialists who evaluate, monitor, and approve the Tom House program studies and processes.

BG Catching & Hitting is a ranked Extra Innings Top Instructor, assistant coach at West Chester University and National Travel Coach for 18, 16 and 14U that has provided coaching instruction to over 40 college commits and 60 nationally ranked softball players. In his two seasons as a varsity head coach, his team secured back to back state playoff berths. His natioanl travel teams are ranked as 67th in the Country by Extra Innings Softball and had Tier 1 Alliance bids in Back to Back seasons for 16U Tier 1 Alliance Bid for 18U and Tier 1 Alliance bid for 14u with Championship Sunday in Triple Crown Nationals. 

Nathan Biddulph is a neuro skills coach that specializes in training elite athletes in pattern recognition to pick out the sequences/patterns of the game and opposition, visual-motor integration (speeding up your mind-body connection, spatial reasoning, impulse control, attention, and faster processing speed to process ideas more quickly (slows a game down to determine how to react) and accelerate physical speed (faster brain equals faster mechanics to move, jump, catch, shoot, pass, throw, swing, kick and/or run faster). Nathan has and is currently training professional athletes in all four major sports leagues (MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL), Minor League Baseball and college athletes at all collegiate levels. 

College Athletes - Athletes either currently committed to play college level softball or currently playing college level softball will be additional instructors for the clinics.

Grace Aguilar - West Chester University Utility Player

Gigi Granate - Centeral Connecticut State Commit

Madison Melvin - Madison is a West Chester University alumni where she was a five year starter for the Golden Rams softball team. This past season she broke the WCU and PSAC records for career hits, stolen bases, and runs scored. In 2022 she was the New Balance/NFCA Golden Shoes Award Winner for having the most stolen bases in DII softball. She is also a two time All-American, while being in the ballot for a third citation. Madison is continuing her involvement in the sport by coaching, which she has grown a great passion for.

Devon Wach  - Flagler College Commit

Caroline Cherokees - Seton Hill Catcher/Outfielder 



*subject to change

Monday, July 15

  • Welcome – Warm Up

  • Tom House Sports STAT Test & Arm Care Assessment

  • Throwing Mechanics Video Capture

  • Hitting Mechanics Video Capture

Tuesday, July 16

  • STAT/Arm Care Review (Classroom) 

  • Throwing Mechanics Review (Classroom)

  • Hitting Mechanics Review (Classroom) 

  • Neuro Skills for Hitting (Classroom)

Wednesday, July 17

  • Day Preview - 10 Minutes

  • Mental/Emotional (Classroom)

  • Recruiting (Classroom)

  • Field​

    • Hitting Stations​

    • Throwing/Functional Strength Stations

Thursday, July 18

  • Warm Up 

  • Hitting Stations 

  • Throwing/Functional Strength Stations 


Camp Cost: $375 per athlete

**Space is limited

For questions, email John at

Garnet Valley High School

552 Smithbridge Road

Glen Mills, PA

(Detailed Agenda and Location at School to be sent to Camp Registrants)

Click the image below for more information on 1-Day Clinics available this Summer designed for athletes looking to learn or reinforce proper hitting and overhand throwing mechanics.

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