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You are only as efficient as your worst movement. Following the National Pitching Association's guidelines for optimal pitching mechanics, health and performance, JA Pitching will analyze your pitching mechanics and provide feedback on all the critical variables to pitching success. You will then be given instruction and drills to help correct the first inefficiency in your sequence. (This is a fully virtual service and you do not need to be local to Broomall, PA to take advantage of this opportunity)

Step 1

Send in video (iPhone is ok) of you pitching. Be sure to include a side angle (3 pitches facing in toward chest of pitcher) and a front angle (3 pitches straight in front). Your video must have the entire body within the screen during your entire pitching motion. (If button below does not work, email the video to Payment is made between steps 2 and 3)

Step 3

A 30-minute Zoom call will be coordinated and payment received through our scheduling app. You will then be walked through the analysis. This will be a collaborative session with the opportunity to have any questions answered. If applicable, both parent and athlete are encouraged to both be part of the session. $100 for initial analysis, $65 each subsequent analysis.

Step 2

Your video will be analyzed on the key variables to optimal pitching health and performance which will evaluate where you are efficient and where you are inefficient in your pitching delivery. A mechanics analysis summary will be prepared to review with the client via Zoom. You will be notified within one week when the analysis is completed.

Step 4

Take the feedback, drills and exercises provided and begin your journey to a more efficient pitching delivery that will help keep your arm healthy while throwing more strikes with more velocity. Once you feel you have fixed your first inefficiency, you can start over with Step 1 to continue to fix the next inefficiency until all variables are optimal.

Click or Email Videos to

Videos to show appropriate angles needed to send for proper mechanics analysis. You will need to send 3 pitches from each of these angles.

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