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JA Pitching Softball Sessions are provided to help softball position players increase their overhand throwing velocity and accuracy while helping them understand the details of keeping their arm healthy through the rigorous travel softball season.

Sessions will focus on improving throwing mechanics, functional strength and knowledge of all the factors that affect arm health. 

Sessions include:

  • Tom House Sports Throwing Assessment to begin the session to get a baseline of all the contributing factors to throwing velocity and arm &shoulder health, including leg strength and symmetry, torso strength, speed and symmetry, core strength, arm and shoulder strength, speed and balance.

  • Rotational Athlete Functional Strength Workouts to help improve on all of your functional strength deficiencies and imbalances that are prohibiting you from throwing harder.

  • Throwing & Arm Care Classrooms to provide the "why" behind what makes an athlete throw with higher velocity and how to keep your arm and shoulder healthy.

  • Throwing Mechanics instruction and drills to help pattern your body movements to sequence efficiently to achieve higher overhand throwing velocities.

  • **The workouts and Arm Care portions of the sessions do translate to softball pitchers to help them throw harder and keep their arm and shoulders healthy. While sequencing is similar to overhand throwing, there will not be softball pitching mechanics instruction during the sessions.

  • **Space is limited.


$450  per athlete ($56 per session) 

For questions, email John at


Ultimate Wellness LAB

15 South Eagle Road

Havertown, PA


As a National Pitching certified coach, JA Pitching offers advanced, scientifically proven instruction and training for rotational athletes.  We help (baseball) pitchers and overhand throwers increase velocity and functional strength by eliminating mechanical inefficiencies so players can reduce their risk of injuries and develop their skills.

These fundamentals help (baseball) pitchers and overhand throwers of all skill levels improve their game and throw faster, harder, and with higher levels of accuracy. Our National Pitching program helps players reduce their risk of injury from improper mechanics and poor conditioning.


The National Pitching program is the only training program certified by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). The IRB includes orthopedic doctors, sports physiologists, kinesiologists, nutritionists, sports psychologists, and other specialists who evaluate, monitor, and approve the Tom House program studies and processes.

At National Pitching, we don’t just offer lessons, we offer a comprehensive program to help athletes be the best they can be. Our throwing program is based on health, science, and biomechanical studies to help players get results. Our National Pitching program gives you the tools you need to take control of your progress as a thrower. From diet guidelines to take-home workouts, we are here to help athletes see progress and develop skills for years to come. We also help our athletes of all ages learn to keep a positive mindset for success in the game and in life. Our Tom House program coaches like JA Pitching are here to make a difference on and off the field.

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