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Athletes will be given the Tom House Sports Proprietary STAT screening that will assess athletes’ deficiencies regarding their ability to generate velocity. Testing will include a variety of arm speed tests, torso speed tests, and leg balance & strength testing. This is the same test Tom House (and THS certified coaches) uses to assess the pro athletes he works with, which has included Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and hundreds of other D1, NFL and MLB athletes.


S.T.A.T. represents the following:


  • Screening for Weak Links,

  • Testing for Point in Time Capacity,

  • Accessing for Efficiency of Movement, Strength, and Flexibility,

  • Training for Efficient Movement, Muscle Balance, Velocity, and Neuro-Muscular Speed Thresholds


Test results will provide you with your current safe velocity (the velocity that you can safely throw a ball from a mound in game conditions following ASMI pitch limits) and your projected velocity potential with perfect mechanics and ability to be “on goal” with each assessment station. The assessment report will provide an in-depth summary of any of your deficiencies or imbalances in regards to your ability to maximize your body’s velocity potential.


The athlete will also be given the ArmCare Arm Health Assessment to test their overall shoulder and arm strength to test for weaknesses, imbalances and asymmetries in the throwing arm and shoulder.  All 30 MLB teams test shoulder strength and range of motion because it is directly related to velocity, accuracy, stamina and risk of injury.


You are only as strong as your weakest link. Strength recruited out of sequence creates injuries and diminished performance. Overhand throwers are limiting their velocity and accuracy potential while increasing injury risk by not assessing their arm health. When you know your weakest link, you can hyper-target your weaknesses when you train instead of continuing a cookie cutter program that could be continuing to exaggerate imbalances.


The goal of the assessment is for the athlete to come away with a clear understanding of their personal inefficiencies and deficiencies so that an athlete can hyper-focus on those strength and conditioning exercises and drills needed to throw harder easier, and healthier.


Assessment options for baseball pitchers and position players, softball position players and quarterbacks.



  • Organization to solicit athletes (JA Pitching can provide registration solutions)

  • Max 50 athletes per fundraising event (10 kids minimum)


JA Pitching To Provide

  • Tom House Sports S.T.A.T. Test Software used to generate assessment report

  • Arm Health Assessment Software & Dynamometer

  • All Equipment needed for S.T.A.T. Test & Arm Health Assessment

  • Graphics for marketing (if needed)

  • Guidance to support staff helping facilitate the screening

  • Post event Zoom Call to walk participants through how to read the results of their assessment report


Organization to Provide:

  • Field or Facility to conduct the assessment. (Mound can be provided if location provided does not have one). Field/Facility must be approved by JA Pitching.

  • Support Staff/Coaches for event (no specific baseball/pitching skill required)

    • 10-15 Participants – 3 additional Staff needed

    • 16-20 Participants – 4 additional Staff needed

    • 21-25 Participants – 5 additional staff needed

    • 26-30 Participants – 6 additional staff needed

    • 31-50 Participants – 7 additional staff needed



  • STAT SCREENING: Up to 3 hours

  • Follow Up Zoom Call on mutually agreed upon date and time (approximately 30 minutes)



  • Cost to JA Pitching = $1500

  • All proceeds above $1500 go to organization

    • If there is less than $1500 profit generated, the proceeds will be split 50/50.

  • Organization can select cost to participants (normal fee = $350 per athlete), but must be a minimum of $75

  • Examples of Fundraising Dollars Raised:

    • 50 participants at $150 = $7500 ($1500 to JA Pitching, $6000 to Organization)

    • 30 participants at $100 = $3000 ($1500 to JA Pitching, $1500 to Organization)

    • 10 participants at $75 = $750 profit ($375 to JA Pitching, $375 to Organization)

  • Participants will have the option to receive a detailed mechanics assessment (via PDF) from JA Pitching for $75.

For more info or to book, email or text 267-319-3117.


  • NPA/Tom House Sports is the only training program that is IRB (Institutional Review Board) Certified.

  • 50+ years of evolving health first information and instruction

  • NPA Coaches have trained over 1000 MLB pitchers.

  • National Pitching is the only pitching organization that all methods are 100% scientifically tested and defendable.

  • We master the information, re-learning every day with new studies

  • We master instruction techniques based on our scientific studies

  • We mentor our athletes in and out of training

  • We make a difference in their life, on and off the field

  • We teach all levels of the NPA Pitcher’s Health and Performance Matrix Platform:  Bio-mechanics, Functional Strength, Nutrition, and Mental/Emotional Management

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