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The Virtual Pitching Community is an opportunity to join a pitching community that gathers virtually to discuss all things pitching including mechanics (videos will be analyzed each week), arm health, mental/emotional management, nutritional management, hydration and sleep and recovery. Its also a great opportunity for parents and sons/daughters to join in the conversation together and grow the athlete's passion and IQ for pitching.

Step 1

Sign up for the next Virtual Pitching Community by clicking on the button below. Be sure to sign up under the name associated with your Zoom account so you can be properly verified and admitted.

Step 3

On the day and time of the next scheduled call, log into Zoom with the link provided and enter the password to enter. We recommend signing in 5 minutes early to ensure you are on time.

Step 2

You will be sent a confirmation email with the Zoom Link and passcode. You can send in a video of your pitching for a chance for your video to be analyzed on the call and ask questions live.

Step 4

Join in on the discussion, ask questions and learn about optimal pitching mechanics and arm care just by watching videos being analyzed in real time by a certified pitching coach.

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