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National Pitching works with pitchers and rotational athletes to help them throw faster, stay injury-free, and get in the strike zone consistently. The most important thing athletes, parents, and organizations should know about the National Pitching program is that it is a health first performance program designed to help pitchers improve their game. We are one of the most respected and advanced pitching programs in the nation. Led by Tom House, PhD, and an advisory board of specialists, we are continually updating our program based on scientific studies and research about how and when to pitch as well as how to maintain the right physical and mental condition to be a successful pitcher.

NPA coaches have trained over 1,000 Major League Baseball pitchers with measurable results and success. Each year, we train over 5,000 athletes with hands-on customized instruction to help them improve and stay injury-free.

Using cutting-edge scientific research and proven training methods, we address all aspects of your athletic development to help you safely progress in the game. Today, many pitchers injure themselves due to poor mechanical patterning and conditioning programs that aren’t specifically designed for rotational movements. Unfortunately, some of these injuries are beyond rehabilitation. What’s different about the National Pitching program? We’ve developed training methods and processes that address the unique needs of pitchers and rotational athletes.


ArmCare uses objective data and player feedback collected using a medical strength testing device to help build a hyper-personalized training plan designed to recognize weaknesses and imbalances in an arm. Baseball players are limiting their velocity potential and increasing injury risk by not assessing their arm health. Arm Care guides players through a shoulder strength and range of motion exam to create individualized arm care programs designed to build stronger, more durable arms. Stronger, more durable arms throw harder, recover faster and are more accurate, which means more innings and better outcomes.

There’s a reason why all 30 MLB Organizations test shoulder strength & range of motion. Research has shown that these tests are linked to performance metrics like velocity & accuracy as well as risk of injury.

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